Getting Outdoors the NOVA Way.

With many indoor activities still off-limits (or just off your radar), the outdoors has perhaps never been more important than it is right now. And although summer may be coming to a close, the time for open air diversions is far from over. In fact, with the blazing temperatures finally starting to show signs of subsiding, many would argue that peak al fresco season has yet to materialize. Read on for some much-needed inspiration to get outside in Northern Virginia—whether you’re looking to break a sweat, treat your pets, or spend some quality family time. 

Fitness Frenzy: If you’re missing your old gym routine, why not bring the gym to you? Northern Virginia has an impressive variety of options these days that make outdoor workouts more accessible than ever, so you can stay in shape without compromising on safety—or quality.

#1: Mind the Mat -- Good news for all you yoga and pilates fans out there: this Virginia studio is offering socially distanced outdoor classes at several nearby locations, so the only thing that has to change about your workout routine is the scenery that goes along with it.

#2: Key Bridge Boathouse -- One of the coolest outdoor workouts around is docked at Key Bridge Boathouse, where you can rent a paddleboard or kayak and take in iconic DC sights from the water.

#3: Great Falls Park -- Home to fifteen miles of hiking trails, Great Falls Park is the ideal backdrop for a workout that’s as scenic as it is productive.

For the Family: Running out of new ideas for ways to spend family time at home? Switch things up with these tips for an unforgettable day (or night) that almost seem too good to be true. 

#1: Top Golf -- A sprawling entertainment venue complete with a high-tech driving range and lounge with drinks and games, Top Golf is the ultimate socially-distanced destination that has something for everyone.

#2: Public Art Reston -- Known for its intriguing outdoor art installations, Reston has partnered with the Reston Bike Club to curate three captivating bike routes, designed so you can discover each artistic display as you ride. Interested? Learn more at

#3: Farm Brew Live -- Northern Virginia’s first destination brewery nestled in Manassas, Farm Brew Live is set over an 8-acre campus and serves up craft beer, food, and live, local music that combine to create an experience that’s worth every penny.

Treat Your Pets: We know how much you love your pets, which is why we think they deserve only the best. And to me, the best means having a park to call their own. So, here are some of the best parks in NOVA where dogs aren’t just admitted...they’re the guests of honor.

#1: Glencarlyn Dog Park -- The perfect blend of scenery (for you) and entertainment (for your pets), Glencarlyn has ample space for your dog to roam around so they can even meet some furry friends of their own. 

#2: Shirlington Dog Park -- Complete with water fountains and a washing shop just outside of the park, Shirlington Dog Park is where dogs from near and far come to make a splash.

#3: Chandon Dog Park -- With lots of trees for shade and fresh running water, this park will make you and your pet feel right at home.

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